Digital Marketing in Dubai: The Present & The Future Ahead

Life is all about changes and your reflection around these changes. As stated by a famous Greek philosopher “The only thing that is constant is change.” This holds for scientific advancements and business trends as well.

Business owners, advertisers, brand managers, and marketing directors struggle to adapt to the ever-changing digital marketing trends.

So many changes in little time may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Not everyone can comprehend these changes. However, to stay at the top of business, one needs to understand and implement the latest marketing trends.

With the evolving digital media, the process of selling and purchasing is now being digitized. And we are not wrong in saying that marketing has evolved once again! And Dubai is nowhere behind!

Dubai aka the oasis of the middle east is expanding at a faster rate. E-commerce and digital marketing are blooming at a much faster pace and it is being referred to as the New York of the Middle-East. Over the past few years, Dubai has become significant from the International Business perspective.

Different institutions and renowned brands have shown great interest in making humongous investments in Dubai, where capitalism is on steroids! This part of the Middle East is governed by Islamic fundamentalism but married to Western business!

The ones in the digital marketing business, like us, are aware of the potential that Dubai encompasses. The right digital marketing trends, proper business plans, and social media strategies will make this part of Arabia undefeatable in the business world.

As the year has come to dawn, let’s discuss the digital marketing trends that are going to stage in 2020.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Intelligence is the way to go!


Natural intelligence extended with AI makes up Augmented Intelligence. Today AI has become the king in every sphere. AI technology is still being developed and complete automatic solutions are still on their way. Imagine the enormous digital marketing benefits that can be reaped if human beings and AI combine their skills. It will open the gates to realms of new digital marketing trends.

2. Chatbots are gaining popularity!


Customer service is an essential aspect of good customer experience. It has to be more visible to everyone online. And Chatbots are the perfect way to go! It has become one of the most promising trends in care ventures in Dubai.

They provide a digital marketing automation solution blended with the human elements. People now prefer mobile or desk apps to communicate. The right use of the chatbots can help in engaging with consumers and customers without having a human in the loop.

3. Use alternate Social Media platforms


Instagram will surely not lose its popularity! But now more engaging platforms are surfacing these days. Social media app like TikTok has become more popular among youth today. It is easier to share videos on TikTok. Using the right marketing strategies can help in reaching out to the perfect audience.

4. Data is the king


In the past, businesses didn’t focus much on metrics. But with the trend of apps like Instagram that provide much detailed analysis of audience engagement, metrics are being taken seriously now.

Several online agencies can help in offering many followers at competitive prices. More the number of followers, more people will engage with the brand and help the business grow.

Instagram and other alike applications provide highlights demographics, engagement, and interests of each post. It provides transparency in business and helps in evaluating the success of marketing efforts.

5. User Engagement is the key


The most important part of successful marketing is to have perfect user engagement. It can be achieved through newsletters, email, blog posts, social media posts, and other successful marketing trends.

Developing and circulating customer-centric content remains one of the top-notch digital marketing trends in Dubai. A concoction of right content marketing with the right user engagement using the right digital marketing strategies will result in enormous benefits.

6. Storytelling through Social Media


Storytelling through Social Media is one of the most powerful tools in the visual engagement of audiences. It has been seen that social media posts based on storytelling are 93% more likely to be shared than text, links, and statuses.

7. Video remains Top Dog


The popularity of Video never seems to end. As per current statistics, it has been predicted that 82% of internet traffic is going to be video by 2021. It is crucial as far as digital marketing is concerned. Using the right SEO techniques can help in ranking the videos higher on the list. The right marketing on YouTube can help in driving huge attention to videos leading to profitable traffic.

Digital marketing in Dubai has a lot to do with the tracking and adoption of the latest technological trends.

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