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We can develop for you, the websites that will work smoothly on the mobile interface. We take mobile website development to the whole new level. Web pages developed by IMC, meet all the technical guidelines of an ideal mobile-friendly web page for a satisfactory browsing experience.

IMC Websites:
  • Download in less than 3 seconds- SEO friendly.
  • Are browser independent- Can work on Safari, Google, Bing, etc.
  • Compatible with- Tabs, mobile phones, etc.
  • User-friendly
  • Content rich
  • Easy to navigate
  • Detail oriented

Responsive > Supportive > Engaging

To Be or Not To Be, Mobile Friendly?
It is a curse not to be mobile friendly when more than 50% of your customers will search you there!

Mobile Surfing- We are beyond "The Tipping Point"
Half a decade ago, the time, when Apple started unveiling its classy sleek models, intimidating other smartphone manufacturers and also us as a user, and proposed all to switch from desktops to mobile phones for even major searches.

Did you know, on an average, a person spends more than 8 hours on her mobile phone per day? For that reason, contact us today to create a mobile website for your company! We have the leading mobile website development team in Dubai.

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Our expertise is an outcome of years of superior service and unmatched dedication in providing unique web solutions and creating successful online ventures, e­commerce platforms and number of corporate websites.
Why Mobile Versions of Websites are important?

As more and more people spend time online for longer durations, the use of laptops and desktops have considerably decreased. People these days prefer to use their smartphones for searching, surfing and even for shopping. According to the reports of web traffic statistics, more than 20% of total web traffic comes from mobile devices. These numbers are all set to shoot up in the coming years with the release of more and more mobile phones and gadgets. To address this paradigm shift of internet usage, you need to upgrade to a responsive website that will adapt itself to every system, be it a desktop, a tablet, a smartphone or a laptop.

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Despite the fact that we offer exceptional mobile web designing services in Dubai, we also ensure that our charges are reasonable and affordable.