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Producing a corporate or a business video in Dubai that looks larger than life and leaves an impact, can be a challenge, financially. We have worked out some strategies to produce high quality corporate, as well as all types of business videos that are affordable for small and medium businesses.

Goes without saying that a digital video is one of the most effective and progressive ways of passing your message to your audience. It has the power of capturing the attention of your audience by allowing you to creatively display what your business has to offer. Recognizing the marketing value of videography, more and more businesses are utilizing this concept to create videos about their products and services. By embracing a creative and engaging technology such as videography, these businesses expand their market reach, improve their visibility and increase their sales.Your business can benefit the same way by availing IMC's Video Production and Marketing Services in Dubai.

We are one of the most innovative video production companies in Dubai with years of expertise in producing perfectly crafted videos. Specialized in creating powerful and compelling videos, we combine artistic vision, marketing tactics, and technologies to tell stories that leaves your audience enthralled. We believe in making videos that are a reflection of captivating scripts, eye-catching graphics, and unique production styles.

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Our services

Corporate Videos

We create high-quality corporate videos for ambitious businesses. Every corporate video we produce, no matter the scale or genre, is produced in a way that engages the viewers and conveys its message in a relevant and convincing manner. We strongly believe in the strategy of "Your Customer is the Focus Not You" and create videos based on that premise. We build an emotional connection between you and your audience so that they come to you, again and again, keeping your services and product quality in mind.

Event Videos

Events are memories and we know how to make your memories last forever. We create beautiful event videos that take you back in time and make you relive your precious memories.

Product Videos

Focusing on the company's top brands and showing them in a way that highlights their features and uniqueness, our product videos deliver a compelling and powerful message that boost conversions.

Company Profile Videos

A company profile is not just the company's "about us", but is based on the organizational culture, qualified employees, work ethics, customer relationships, etc. We have produced compelling company profile videos for a number of companies in Dubai which they use to communicate with their clients and deliver a powerful first impression.

Animation Videos

These are animated videos which are nowadays, increasingly being used to deliver messages or core competencies in a contemporary way. We are the industry leaders in creating out of the box animated videos that are appealing and engaging.

Our expertise is an outcome of years of superior service and unmatched dedication in providing unique web solutions and creating successful online ventures, e­commerce platforms and number of corporate websites.

Why choose us?

It is a fact that people remember 80% of what they see and 20% of what they read. Keeping this in mind, we create images that speak everything about products in one go. If you are looking for pictures that act as powerful sales generating tools and market your products more effectively, contact us right now.

Event Photography services in Dubai

  • Hundreds of satisfied clients in Dubai are evidence of our excellent client servicing.
  • Videos that deliver a perfect picture of your brand, events and company profile to the audience, helping them understand your business better.
  • We conceptualize a script, story, and music relevant to the industry, keeping the targeted audience in mind, focusing on your uniqueness rather than your competitors.
  • Videos shot with high definition cameras, resulting in HD Quality Videos that are a class apart.
  • Team of expert Videographers with excellent editing and camera handling skills.