5 ‘Must Have” Elements in a Website.

What makes a website successful? What are those must-have elements your website needs to stand out? For most brands and businesses, it won’t happen just like that! It takes considerable effort, resources, and time. 

Many of you must be asking yourself whether it is worth the effort? So, let me put it this way. 

People want to look their best during job interviews, right? Fresh haircuts, tidy clothes, shiny boots and what not! Long story short, they want to make the best first impression.

The same is true for your website. When a client goes through your website, it is like a “job interview” for your business. They are critiquing every minute detail, building an opinion, and deciding whether they want to know you more. So, your website is a representation of your business. 


Want to know the secret of a perfect website? In this article, we will share the 5 key elements that your website must-have.

1. Focus on Usability & User Experience

Your audience is on the website to know more about you or to contact you. So, how about making that easy for your potential clients. Give them what they are looking for. 

If you have a product or service, make them reach the desired page without much effort.

So, the idea here is to cut down the chase and make it easy for them. 

As per the survey conducted by Hubspot, 75% of the users rate a website based on its user-friendliness. You gotta design your website in a manner that it is easy to navigate, design functionality is not too complex, content is simple yet effective. Besides, your main menu navigation has to smooth, optimized for desktop as well as a mobile experience. 

Another important aspect of user experience is consistency. Your website has to be user-centric. Keeping in view your user’s choices, preferences, behavior, and most importantly comfort. Consistency and familiarity with color, elements, design, typography, and navigation is a must.

2. Web Design and Layout

A website demands to be catchy! The design and layout of the website are the main elements of an attractive website. The more attractive the website the more beneficial is it to your website. When a client lands on your website, it just takes 50 milliseconds for them to decide whether they want to continue browsing the website or stay there. The design of your website has to be in line with your branding strategy. Your client must get acquainted with the values and aims of your company instantly.


One more aspect that needs to be considered along with the design is the usability of the website. Your website should be sleek with every browser. The best part about web designing is that there are no bounds to it. It is your domain to excel, no restrictions, play with it and bring our ideas to life. Do your research, know what your customer likes and dislikes, work accordingly. Use animations, micro-interactions, typography, hidden menus, etc, to provide a perfect user experience. Web design is one the must things to have.

 3. Fast Loading

If your website takes longer than five seconds to load, yeah! That’s right, just five seconds! Then your website is considered slow and rules out from the list of user-friendly websites. The slower the website, the lower will it rank. Avoid adding redundant content, additional videos, extra images. Another trick to pace up your website is to add effective plugins and see the magic begin. 

4. Great Content

All the content on your website should be accessible to read, engaging, informative, and free from jargon. Especially the content regarding your company and its services should be very well written. The web content should be in line with the company’s branding strategy. Do your research, find appropriate terminologies that your targeted audience is most likely to search for. Use the right keywords and create good quality and interactive content for your website. Hire content writing services if required.

5. Call to Action

Most of the important stuff has been covered. But here comes the most crucial element of your website, the CTA, call to action.

These are the most essential buttons of your website. You can have the best design, all optimized, but if your call to action buttons is not to put the right way, then your website won’t have good conversions. At the end of the day, your main aim is to target potential customers and generate maximum leads.

And this will be achieved with CTA, directing your users to perform activities like guiding first-timers, availing discounts, subscribing to newsletters, placing orders and much more. CTA depends largely on your aim. What do you want the visitors to? Get more calls, subscribe, purchase? Go for the non-generic ways to direct your visitors.

Having these elements on a website will make sure that it is on par with the Google standards and will keep your business well-mapped.