Social Media Marketing in Dubai

With the advent of social media, the whole landscape of marketing changed. A new window to the world opened that lead to the creation of new possibilities for millions of modern lives, which never existed before. Social media, within a time of years, became a common ground for people, customers, clients, buyers, sellers around the world to connect. This gave rise to the social media marketing that connected buyers and sellers. This medium benefited almost every sphere of life, but for businesses it has become as most affordable and powerful tool for attracting and retaining customers by the proper marketing of their services and products.

Social Media Marketing is must for Dubai based businesses as it is growing as the hub of the economy. To skyrocket your business, leverage the power of social media marketing and work with us as we are the best social media agency in Dubai.

Social media marketing refers to the process of driving traffic or attention through social media platforms. With more than 2.3 billion members of growing virtual community, social media marketing is easy to use tool for business people to know consumer needs, wants and values.

Do I need Social Media Marketing for my Business?

This question is hardly asked as everyone is now aware of the power of social media as it indeed is the largest platform of word-of-mouth communication that drives client's perceptions towards services and products. With our 93% of Emirates and expats connected to the internet, ignoring this medium means to risk your business. Launching your products or services without social media marketing is same as starting your business and not telling anyone about it. People are connected to one another, in turn, connected to your business through various social media platforms. Today it not about why you need it but how well you do it for your business growth.

IMC, as your social media agency in dubai, recognises the value of this powerful yet easy tool to give your business the competitive to help you grow as the leader. We develop unique social media marketing strategies that provide excellent results in terms of brand exposure, increased sales and profit.

At IMC, Social Media Marketing is not only about posting on Facebook, twitter and on other similar mediums but devising the content that drives more and more traffic towards your products and services. We have been in the field of social media advertising since a long and have mastered in provided effective and timely services in Dubai. We know the ins and outs of all social media platform and with our help, you can engage with new and existing customers. Our approach of social media management is based on the following

Social Media Marketing Research

We start the process of social media marketing by doing a lot of research on current data trends, strategies that will suit your products and market trends. We listen to you, identify your requirements and devise strategies that suit your brand. One of the most important tasks of creating a social media marketing strategy is to know your products and what people are searching for. After analysis and connecting the dots, we will create a unique content at once that is distributed through social media websites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ etc. Through effective social media marketing management tools, we do bulk publishing of content related to your brand and target wide audience. We can also schedule your social media posts and post them according to your preferences and feasibility.

Social Media Performance Monitoring

Our social media marketing process also includes monitoring your brand's performance and taking feedback from your customers to analyse and observe the perception of your products and services. We believe social media management is as import as social media marketing. To ensure this, we keep monitoring the positive and negative reviews received from the customers in notifications and manage all your social channels to track them.

Social Media Performance Tracking

In addition to monitoring the performance of your brand, we can generate quick and detailed reports to show the progress of your campaign. Through these reports, you can track down the progress of your popularity on various social media channels.

We can partner with you in developing a strong and effective strategy of Social Media Marketing campaign that can help you grow leads and increase your web presence besides letting you engage with your audience. From social media marketing strategy formulation to implementation, we focus on creating a profitable system for your business that ensures positive ROI.

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Our Social Media Services

Social Media Content Management

If content is fire, then social media is gasoline! Our excellent social media team knows how to manage content right from creation to posting that attracts the customers and creates positive impact among public. We provide the best social media content management services in Dubai that facilitate lead conversions. It is time to grow your reach through social Media.

Brand Reputation Management

In this modern era of social media marketing, brand opinions are made and shaped through online platforms. Our social media team works to maintain a positive perception of your business over social media platforms. Positive perceptions build trust and goes a long way in building a loyal customer base.

To sell, you must be known by people. Social media platforms are the best mediums to build brand awareness. We work across multiple platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc to tell people about your business and offerings. We build attractive posts to pull people towards your business.

Paid Campaigns

Paid social media campaigns are great ways to reach to your target audience. We do a thorough research regarding your target audience and accordingly launch social media campaigns that target the same. This ensures that only those interested in your business will get to know you and your money for ads is spent wisely.

Social Media Post Designs

Our expert graphic designers create exceptionally engaging graphic posts that not only tell customers about your business offers in an effective way but also attracts new followers. Posts are designed based on latest social media trends specially in Dubai. Our creative posts get your message across in a unique and effective way.

Community Management

Our social media team consists of dedicated community managers who maintain business perceptions across multiple communities on social media. Communities are great mediums to reach out to potential prospects and sell them what your business has to offer. Get our social media marketing in Dubai at amazingly affordable prices now.



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