The Best 7 Tools For Doing Hashtag Research

Hashtags can be a fantastic method to reach new audiences as well as gain relevant followers on your social media page. Hashtags are an important part of your social media strategy.

If they are researched and utilized correctly, they can be an effective way of improving your presence through social media and increasing your followers.

But if they are used improperly they can have a negative effect on your social media profile and discourage potential followers.

Hashtags that quickly become popular offer a variety of users using them and becoming trends. This means that the hashtag is well-known and a lot of users use it as a part of their social media. However, this doesn’t mean that each hashtag you use must be a trend. It’s all about the reason you’re making use of your hashtag.

Hashtags can increase visibility and interaction on social platforms. Posts that include more than one hashtag will increase the number of people who view it and engage with it as well as attract those who are searching for you as well as for the type of content that you publish. 

It’s important to develop an approach to hashtags for your company to allow your profile to expand, get more recognition and attract those who are curious about your content.

Hashtags actually predate Twitter and modern-day social media. Although the phrase “hashtag” was popularized on Twitter but the # symbol has been in use for more than two decades to achieve the same goal of connecting and sharing information on the internet.

The Tools For Hashtags are the following:

1. Rite tag:

RiteTag is an element of the RiteKit suite that lets you easily control and monitor the performance of hashtags. Find out which hashtags are trending right now and have your posts noticed or utilize these trends to come up with new ideas for content you know your audience will be attracted to.


RiteTag’s most important features are estimates of hourly stats as well as daily averages and the ability to determine the most popular accounts using hashtags, so you can join in the excitement.

There’s plenty of information to dig into and a discoverability feature that informs you which hashtags are growing in popularity over time, and which are losing popularity.

2. Hashtagify:

Hashtagify is an excellent tool to aid you in maximizing the effectiveness of your hashtag marketing campaigns.

It accomplishes this by identifying the most relevant hashtags to your business and popular subjects that are trending on both Twitter and Instagram. 

It will help you establish relationships with your customers and figure out the most important subjects they’re discussing.


The hashtags at Hashtagify are regularly updated to keep you up-to-date on the latest trends. It also lets members of your team on social media to track every relevant hashtag and choose the best hashtags to promote your brand.

The great feature of Hashtagify is that it will provide you with the most effective 10 hashtags for your company or event. 

It is possible to include these hashtags in your social media posts to promote your business and generate more engagement from potential customers.

3. Keyhole:

Keyhole offers the analysis of social networks and to gain crucial insights into various subjects that are of interest to you. 

It means that you will never be absent from important conversations since every conversation about the hashtag you choose is sent directly onto your mailbox.

Keyhole provides relevant hashtags and keywords for your brand, providing you with the chance to market your business in circles that you’ve never considered prior to. 

This will help you better create future social media marketing campaigns, using the most popular hashtags and reaching the highest number of people who are interested in your brand. 


This makes it incredibly easy to find and connect with influential and relevant influencers in your field, as well as allowing you to quickly access data about how your target audience reacts and interacts with your brand.

You can also check out the content your followers post on your hashtag – whether it’s negative or positive to your brand’s image and also who’s sharing it. 

Keyhole automatically monitors all this information so you can identify who your most popular followers are as well as access comments that require a quick or sensitive reaction.

4. Trendsmap:

If you run a local business, Trendsmap is the ideal tool to see the most popular hashtags within your local area.

It is possible to identify who are the top users within your local area, which can aid in collaborations and local marketing and terms that are especially popular within the region you’re in. 

It is possible to sprinkle these in your content or use them as ideas for your next content.


The tool shows the most recent trends in your area to help you see the topics your prospective customers are discussing on the internet. 

You can then make alerts based on email that focus on any topic so that you are first to know what’s happening in your local area.

5. Inflact:

It’s not easy to figure the most popular hashtags in your particular field and Inflact can help you find them. The “bot” helps you generate an array of hashtag concepts in response to a particular list of terms that relate to your business either an image, an URL that links to an existing blog post.Inflact lets you make use of popular hashtags without cost. 

In Inflact, hashtags that are trending by categories to help speed up your search.  


The program uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to analyze the image and search terms to create a list of relevant hashtags. Be aware that Inflact identifies a high volume of keywords, which often indicates that the quality isn’t to the mark.

It’s a great place to start to discover ideas you may not have considered previously, but be certain to read the hashtags suggested before pasting them into your post. 


Utilizing, you can view a 24-hour trend graph of the estimated tweets per hour and calculated using an average of 1% as shown in this sample. 

This will allow you to determine when it is best to utilize a hashtag. This is great for your social media content planning and let your scheduler do the work. 


You can schedule tweets ahead of time-based on your research on hashtags and social strategy. It’s a major part of Twitter and you can have the opportunity to gain thousands of impressions if you use it effectively, and all the followers that accompany that. 

7. All Hashtag:

All Hashtag has a set of tools to aid you in finding and understanding the most important words quickly. Since it’s one of the few hashtags that are completely free tools, it’s an excellent choice to begin your research. 

If you’re looking to broaden your hashtag vocabulary or find an overview of similar terms the generator of All Hashtag could assist.

 When you type a phrase in the generator’s search box, it instantly creates a list of the most relevant hashtags. You can see 30 of the most-popular phrases.

All Hashtags

You can also generate hashtags for a variety of terms that are related to your content. You can then make use of the top recommendations for each.


Hashtags are essential for identifying your followers and spreading the word about your business through social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram or others. 

Utilizing the right tools for hashtags will help you grow your business by increasing its visibility and tracking campaigns, identifying influencers and tracking competitors. 

You can use these tools to determine which hashtags are well-known in your industry as well as track their performance and provide you with more understanding of how your customers are using social media.

Researching hashtags is essential in today’s world of social media. However, it doesn’t have to be time-consuming and laborious. Instead, take advantage of what’s readily available to get the most of this unique social feature.