5 Social Media Tips to Implement in 2020.

Social media.

It has slowly made its way in our life, little by little. Until it became a part of our lives. How many of you are guilty of posting a picture of your food before having it? Exactly! That’s how essential it is now.

Businesses blended social media with marketing and revolutionized the face of marketing. There are endless benefits of a well-implemented social media strategy.

So, if you are one such business, then you may have come here to seek answers to one of these questions.

How to succeed in social media?

What trends made it to the top in 2020?

How to target the audience?

Are we providing them what they want?

What matters to them?

The answers to these questions change every year. The word social media is far from “static”. What worked months ago may not be as effective now. So, what to do? How to stay ahead of the curve?

To end your fix, we will share some top-most tips that will make your social media game stronger.

Let’s begin. 


1. Know your audience.


Knowing and engaging with your audience is the most essential part of marketing today. But, to master that, you have to understand your audience. If you wish to top the game, then you should be able to pinpoint their needs, desires, and wants. 

Now, you must be asking, how to do that?

  1. First things First, a small survey is all you need to grasp the main points.
  2. Actively participate in forums that target audiences.
  3. Be an active member, post blogs, comment on other’s blogs, and respond to comments.
  4. Be an active replier on your social media channel.
  5. Take feedback from your audience. It will help in engaging them as well as collecting data.


2. Run a contest to amp it up!


Social media contests are the most alluring way to create a social media buzz. It will increase your visibility, engagement, and followers. There are many ways to do it like a quiz, giveaway, or sweepstakes.

The key to making your contest successful is to offer something your customer wants. Are you into the beauty business? Then, offer makeup. Own a bakery? Offer edibles. 

Something you know is irresistible to your audience.


3. Use Videos for better impact.


Unless you are not living in the 18th century, you know how crucial video content has become in the field of social media marketing. Almost 82% of consumer traffic will derive from video content by 2021 as per the Cisco Annual Internet Report. 

And if you are not there yet, it is time to get out of your shell ASAP!

There are tons and tons of ways to ace up your social media strategy. You can create podcasts, use Tiktok, youtube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, etc.


You have to mix up your regular content with video content. And try to keep being an active vlogger. 

How is it helpful?

  1. Double the audience reach.
  2. More interactive.
  3. Increase view time.
  4. Highly attractive


4. Use Social Media Groups


Do you want to connect to millions in a go? How about making a social media group.

Not having an active social media group can be the biggest flaw of your content marketing strategy. These groups can provide a community forum for services, products, and brands.

It is the best platform to connect with your audiences one to one. Interact with them, ask for reviews, share DIY’s, etc. This is an easy way to gain the trust of your potential customers.

How is it helpful?

  1. You can sell your product without making it obvious.
  2. Increase your traffic.
  3. Make some loyal leads.


5. Keep up with the trends


You will be ahead of the curve in social media only as long as you are flexible. You have to keep an eye on the market and everyone else around you. Look out for all the trending ways to gain more audiences. Its dynamic algorithms change every now and then. Read the statistics and make use of them for your good. You can go live on Instagram, update multiple Instagram stories, use Facebook for marketing, virtual reality is the hot topic-make use of it. There are literally hundreds of ways you can use social media platforms such as Instagram to lift up your business in 2020. Check this awesome article on Instagram for business in 2020 if you want to learn more.

Honestly, social media marketing can be a head-scratcher. But the benefits are worth the effort. Don’t slack on your social media game if you want to stay ahead in the game. 

Make use of the right tactics and make your way to the top. And remember the plain and simple marketing rule, the audience is top-priority.

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