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Change for the good. The first impression counts, especially when your prospects are visiting your web pages for the first time. In fact, potential customers start making conjectures about your company in a first glance of your website. They scan it for some moments before they decide whether to stay or leave. If your website has an unattractive interface, prospects will leave it immediately without even looking at the products and services you provide. However, websites that offer an easy navigation and have a user-friendly interface will retain the prospect besides engaging them with the services and products you provide. To be on the safer side it gets very important that your website remains up to date with the latest technological advancements to get most of the opportunities available on the web. Thus, redesigning your website becomes essential for higher returns on investment (ROI).

When to redesign your website?

You don't need to completely change your old website and start a new one. Sometimes, adding new functionalities (graphics and designs) to your old website is enough but not every time. Redesigning your website is a must when you see the following signs in it.

  1. Your website isn’t mobile-friendly.

    112 million consumers browse the web on their mobile phones for information retrieval. You are possibly losing on your sales if you don’t have a mobile-friendly website. With the growth of smartphone usage in Dubai (about 73%), it has become very important for your website to be responsive. This should be the main priority if your organization has not undertaken the process yet or there are chances that you may be losing leads and also potential customers.

  2. Your website lacks optimization for search engines.

    Bringing your business online these days is not enough; it should also show up in the search results. A website is of no use if it is not visible to your prospects. Launching a website without any online marketing strategy is just a waste of resources and time. To be listed in the top rankings in search results, requires effort and time and sometimes redesigning the website.

  3. Your website takes too long to load.

    Gone are the days when websites taking too long to load were acceptable, the trend now is to make sites that load within seconds. If your website is taking longer than 5 seconds to load, then you should consider optimizing or redesigning your website. People become disinterested if a website doesn’t load within 5 seconds, and eventually, leave it.

  4. Your website is functioning improperly.

    If your website has too many broken links, error messages or missing images, then you should consider a website redesign. However, if you have one or two broken links, then complete website design is not required but consulting a web development company can help in rectifying the problem.

  5. An improvement by your competitor made your customers switch.

    It is time to redesign your website when you notice that your competition is growing faster than normal after they redesigned their website. To outclass your business among the crowd, website redesign is a must.

  6. Your goals have changed.

    Your website is a reflection of your business message and goals. For instance, if you have set new goals that will provide you more leads, your website needs to be in line with these specific goals, and if it is not so, you need a website redesign.

  7. Performance issues.

    If your website is not giving you expected results, it’s time to redesign. If you notice that the conversion rate of your website is decreasing, then the marketing strategy of your website needs to be revisited.

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