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We provide professional voice over services for films, documentaries, corporate videos, animations, radio or TV commercials, business phone on-hold phone greetings, business recordings, internet videos, narrations, voicemail, e-learning, or training videos and more.

No doubt how much digitized our world has become, voice remains the most persuasive tool for spreading a word. Incorporating a strong, powerful and a well-trained voice in a business advertisement is a secret ingredient of its success. At current times, when we are surrounded by visual content all over media, it’s the voice over that grabs the viewer’s eyes and ears towards a product or service.

IMC as one of the leading voice-over agencies in Dubai believes that voice-over is more than just reading out a script. Our professionals are experts in putting emotions in a script. They bring the stuff that is so catchy that it becomes part of your brand and in some cases, culture. No matter, if you need it for your corporation or for a one man operation, we provide versatile voice over services that fit the requirements of businesses of any scale and type.

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