Google Searches That Ruled 2019!

Ever wondered what people are searching on Google? If yes, then your search will end here. Throwback to search-trends of the previous year can be quite amusing. It reflects events of importance, major milestones, or unusual trends around the world. 

Every year, Google makes the list of the fastest rising searches by people. This data can be filtered as per country, niches, timeline, etc. It is no surprise that the word “Trending” remains the most searched term in 2019.

We have summed up the list of top global google searches made by you, me, and 7.8 million people around the world. 

So, here you go!

Starting With The Most Popular Searches in 2019!

1.  India vs South Africa: Ironically, England won the world cup for the first time in 2019. Still, India vs South Africa was looked up the search in the previous year.

2. Cameron Boyce: The sudden demise of the young American actor shook us all. It remains the second most searched news in 2019.

3.  Copa America: Ranking third in the list, South American Football Championship was the popular wave for sports lovers.

4.  Bangladesh vs India: Cricket fever never dies out amongst Asians. And this love made Bangladesh vs India one of the most popular searches of the year.

5. iPhone 11: Apples never fails to amaze us with their new launches. Fifth in our list, iPhone 11 was trending in 2019.

6. Game of Thrones: No surprises here! The last season of the most loved TV series of the decade had to be on the list.

7. Avengers: Endgame: This list is incomplete without one of the highest-grossing movies of the year.

8. Joker: Be it Joaquin Phoenix’s performance or the story-line, Joker definitely was the most searched in 2019.

9. Notre Dame: The catastrophic fire at Notre Dame was one of the most depressing incidents of the previous year.

10. ICC Cricket World Cup: Cricket Buzz, live scores, highest scorers, best players, many more details searched by cricket lovers made ICC Cricket World Cup the tenth most looked up search previous year.


News That Trended In 2019.

Copa America, Notre Dame, ICC Cricket World Cup remain the top three searched News in 2019, in that order. Followed by:

1.  Hurricane Dorian: One of the deadliest hurricanes that hit the Bahamas was the top searched News in 2019.

2. Rugby World Cup: The Rugby World Cup remained “ talk of the world” and was most searched in 2019.

3. Sri Lanka: Many events took place in the country in the previous year that made it one of the most googled News of 2019.

4. Area 51: We wonder if the mystery of Area 51 is ever gonna disclose. Concerning millions around the world, Area 51 is the topmost search of the year.

5. India election results: The results of India’s 2019 elections were the most looked up searches for the previous year.

6. Fall of the Berlin Wall: Though the wall came down in 1989, after so many years the incident remains one of the most intriguing events of all times. Marking the fall of communalism, this event of major significance is one of the trending searches for 2019.


Most Googled People In The World For 2019.

1. Antonio Brown: The sexual assault allegations against Antonio Brown made by Britney Taylor made him the most searched person in 2019.

2. Neymar: One of the most impressive footballers ranks second in the most google people for 2019.

3. James Charles: Famous for his make-up skills, James Charles gained huge buzz in 2019 because of the palette he launched in collaboration with Morphe. And the controversy with Tati Westbrook, his “sister” made him one of the most looked up people on Google for the previous year.

4. Jussie Smollett: The attack on Jussie Smollett was the most searched event of 2019.

5. Kevin Hart: The actor remained a most-searched person of 2019 for his movie, The Upside. 

6. Billie Eilish: The heart-throb singer and songwriter’s album When We All Fall Asleep made her the sixth most searched person on Google in 2019.

7. Greta Thunberg: This young environmentalist known for her blunt speaking manner was loved by people all over the world. Her effort to change the environment was appreciated by everyone.

8. R. Kelly: The controversies surrounded the signer from the ’90s. And 2019 was no different. R.Kelly was not able to pay for his bail and jailed in 2019.

9. Joaquin Phoenix: His acting skills, passion for the movie, and Joker itself was enough to get him in the top searched lists for 2019.

10. Jordyn Woods: The cheating scandal of Kylie Jenner’s BFF  with Tristan Thompson made her get into this list.


Let’s see what this upcoming year will have in trend for us!